When the Prophet (SWA) arrived Medina for the Hijrah, he first of all built a mosque, before building a house for accommodation of his family. In the same spirit, ILC started with a mosque built in 1995, then followed by the Library and Seminar/Arabic class, video Rental and Coffee shops in 1996. The mosque and the other sections were built with a substantial financial contribution from a group of friends with offices/house in the neighborhodd on a piece of land donated generously by the late Engineer MahamudUrwatuArmiya’uKatsina-May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

For Administrative convenience, the founding group of friends under the steering chairmanship of Dr. Usman Bugaje, decided to combine the mosque and the other sections under the name “ISLAMIC LEARNNING CENTRE” (ILC) in 1996. In the year 2001 another group of friends under the leadership of Mallam Muhammad Bawa AGB, introduced and sponsored the idea of “ISLAMIYYAH PRIMARY SCHOOL”.

Based on requests of parents and the host community, the B.O.D, agreed to commence “ISLAMIYYAH AND CONVENTIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOLS” in 2010 and 2012 respectively. With another donation of piece of land measuring about 3,900sqm by the family of the late Engineer Armiya’u construction of the permanent site of the ILC schools commenced in 2004 and is on-going.

From the foregoing developments and restructuring, due to exigencies of time and change of priorities, the center presently comprise the following sections

* Mosque

* Library

* Arabic/Islamiyyah classes.

* Bi-annual/Ramadan Lectures

* ILC schools