In Islam, the importance of knowledge cannot be over emphasized. To start with correct performance of Ibadats (religious deeds) and then acceptance by Allah SWT are predicated upon knowledge. Not only that, knowledge is said to be the light of life, without it life will be purposeless and meaningless. The virtues of Knowledge are inexhaustible and the consequences of not having it (ignorance) are inestimable.

The crucial role of thoughts and ideas , the mind and its vision, in the transformation of human societies has been amply and profoundly acknowledged by Allah the Most High when He Said ‘ Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in the themselves… (Q 13: 11). So when the Most High Himself wanted to transform human society, in His words “… lead Mankind out of the depth of darkness (Kufr) into light (Islam)” (Q13:11), He himself deemed it necessary to send a Book, the Qur’an. It is both interesting and significant that He started His Book, the Qur’an with the command to READ! (Q96:1-5) It was much later that the command to worship and obey was to follow. Taking this cue from the Most High, Muslim Scholars from the time of the Sahaba have held strongly to the belief that nothing can change the affairs of the Muslim Ummah except that which changed it in the beginning. In other words, for any sensible and meaningful transformation of the Ummah, learning is an absolute necessity. Thus the revival and renewal of decaying or decadent Muslim societies in a word tajdid, has always been led by scholars with wide and deep knowledge. History has amply demonstrated that any effort to revive human societies, which is not adequately supported by scholarship, hardly succeeds and if it ever did, it did not last.

In view of the importance of knowledge in individual and societal development, a group of Muslim Brothers praying in Katuru Road Masjid under the able leadership of Alhaji Muhammad Bello Ilyasu Damagum decided to establish a Non-Governmental Organization that will be devoted to imparting of knowledge (religious and conventional). To portray and achieve the desired goal of the founders, the organization was named “ISLAMIC LERANING CENTRE”. The Centre started operations in 1997.

Why us?

The vision of the Centre

To become a Resource Centre per excellence in Islamic and Conventional Knowledge in Nigeria

The Mission of the Centre

To enlighten the society by imparting Religious and Conventional Knowledge and providing a conducive atmosphere for learning.

Objectives of the centre

To pursue the mission and attain the vision, the Centre has the following objectives:

  1. Teaching children and adult (males & females) Arabic, Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Computer,and other related Islamic and Conventional subjects.
  2. Making available reference materials comprising books, periodicals and Audio-Visual on the aforementioned subjects and many more.
  3. Enlighten the general public on current issues affecting the society by means of public lectures, seminars and symposia.

Seminar Section

The section organizes Arabic/Islamiyyah classes for adults, who are mostly civil-servants, businessmen and housewives. The programmes are categorized into basic, intermediate, advance, with duration of six months each and a two year affiliated Ahmadu Bello University diploma.